Importance of Hiring an Attorney for any Family Law or Criminal Defense Case

There are times in Family Law cases that individuals do not think they need to hire an attorney. They frequently feel this way when they have reached a full agreement with the other party and they believe that they can go to court and finalized their case without an attorney. I addressed this issue recently in a radio show that I was invited to participate in. It is a very big mistake to handle your Family Law case without an attorney – even if you have reached an agreement on all of the outstanding issues with the other party. The reason for this is simple. Family Law cases, including Divorce, Paternity or any other Family Law issue, are complicated and often times there may be additional litigation years down the road. If your Final Judgment or Order is not worded correctly or does not address an issue without ambiguity or vagueness it could leave you shaking your head in the years to come.

Many people have come to me for representation and they did not have an attorney or had a paralegal handle the case initially. Unfortunately if the paperwork is not done correctly then there may not be any way to address whatever problems you are having or the problem may be very expensive to fix. The other obvious issue is that you may be stuck with a Final Judgment or Order you are not happy with (such as a Final Judgment that has you paying a certain amount of alimony for a certain number of years) that may have been avoided had the paperwork been done correctly or the legal issues had been properly addressed. The point is never go to court without a lawyer. You can contact me at the Law Offices of William S. Orth for more information or to talk with you about your legal needs.

This same concept applies to Criminal Law as well. There are many collateral consequences of criminal convictions. They can range from license suspensions to being classified as a Habitual Felony Offender. What may seem like a good resolution to you now may be a very bad resolution when you receive that green postcard in the mail advising you that your license is suspended or finding out you have to take a Drug Education Class because your license is suspended for a drug conviction – even a misdemeanor. Contact me at the Law Offices of William S. Orth to talk about representing you in your criminal case.

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  1. If I was ever in that situation, I would for sure see about hiring an attorney. No sense in going into something like that with no knowledge on the subject. Having an attorney would be the best way that you could get help. You are very right that family law is complicated, I don’t know much if anything about it.

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    Making sure you are open minded and can really listen and trust your lawyer is crucial. When you hire the right representation, you’ll need to trust them to do what is best for you. Making sure that you can be honest with them, and they are realistic with you can really save you a lot of time and money when it comes down to it.

    Thanks for sharing your great thoughts, they are really appreciated 🙂

  3. It really makes no sense to handle matters like family law yourself. It’s not about how smart the person is and if they can understand the intricacies of laws, but the huge consequences of getting the smallest thing incorrect or missing something. I have seen so many examples of people coming out of a divorce with so much less than what they could have, simply because they wanted to save the money by not getting a lawyer. But in the end, it turned out to be loss (by quite a large margin)

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