Certified Family Law Mediator

After many years of litigating Family Law cases, I am adding Mediation to my practice and am now a Certified Family Law Mediator. In addition, I am also available for appointment as a Guardian Ad Litem in high conflict Family Law cases. I am not going to stop litigating cases but instead see the benefit I can bring to the table as a Certified Family Law Mediator and Guardian Ad Litem.

I realize the importance of Mediation and the opportunity it provides the parties. I see the value in helping people reach creative solutions to their problems without having to face the time, expense and uncertainty of litigation. I also acknowledge the importance of having an experienced litigator as a Mediator. I have spent many years litigating Family Law cases and I am confident this will help me to be a successful Mediator. I also see the benefit of my experience as a Guardian Ad Litem in mediating cases where there are issues related to minor children.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this more with you. Feel free to contact me anytime at the office number below to discuss my services or to schedule a mediation.

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