Violations of Probation Attorney

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    Violations of Probation

  • When a person is found to have committed a criminal offense they can either be ordered to serve a period of jail or prison time or, if your record isn’t significant, you can be placed on probation by the Judge. The Judge will place you on probation for a specific period of time with special conditions such as community service, restitution or writing a letter of apology to the victim. Once you are on probation, you could violate by either a technical or new law violation. For example, if you fail to pay restitution the Probation Officer could submit an affidavit to the Judge citing that you failed to comply with the special conditions of probation and a warrant could be issued placing you in jail until a court date. If while you are on probation you are arrested for a criminal offense, that is a new law violation. Both examples are called Violations of Probation. There are several risks to both types of violations including preserving a previous withhold of adjudication or the risk of being sent to jail or prison depending if you have violated your misdemeanor or felony probation.

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