Paternity Lawyer

Paternity Lawyer

In the State of Florida, there is no legal presumption of paternity unless two people are married when the child is conceived. If two people are not married, it doesn’t matter who signs the birth certificate. The father must be adjudicated the father in order to preserve his parental rights. Marriage is the only thing that gives rise to the presumption of Paternity. Paternity simply means establishing who the father of a child is. If two people are not married when the child is conceived, paternity must be established before the father can have time-sharing or visitation rights and child support, if appropriate, can be ordered. Paternity actions must first answer the question of who the father is. If both parties agree that the man is the father, then the questions of time sharing and child support are addressed. If one or both of the parties disagree as to who the father is, a DNA test is done to determine paternity.

The questions we get most often are; My child’s Mother/Father won’t let me see my child – what can I do?   My child’s Mother/Father doesn’t pay child support – what can I do?   I am paying child support for my child but don’t get to see my child – what can I do? My child is not safe with the Mother/Father and I want the child(ren) to live with me – what can I do? Paternity is the first question any lawyer will ask when you call about these questions if you are not calling about a spouse or ex-spouse

At the Law Office of William S. Orth P.A., we have handled thousands of Paternity actions regardless of whether of which parent files the action. These parents are also seeking answers to the questions like the ones above. Contact me and we can answer those questions and help you to assert the rights you are entitled to.

Custody is something that both mothers and fathers are interested in determining in some cases. Custody as a legal word does not exist in the Florida Statutes anymore but the concept remains the same. Where should my child live most of the time? Much of what we do at the Law Offices of William S. Orth, P.A centers of the most important question; what is in the best interest of the child(ren)? Contact me for more information on this.

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