Simple Wills

– Living Wills
– Healthcare Surrogate
– Power of Attorney

A simplified Will allows you to dictate who receives your property or estate, and if you have minor children at the time of your death, who will be the guardians of your children. If you do not have a Will, the State will administer your estate and your estate will be handled by a statutory scheme that does not deviate from case to case.

Along with a Will, we can prepare other necessary documents such as a Living Will, Designation of Health Care Surrogate and Durable Power of Attorney. These documents are necessary so that your wishes are known and will be followed in the event of a medical procedure or accident that renders you incapacitated. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your affairs and estate along with healthcare decisions will be handled by loved ones you choose rather than medical staff who may not have your best interests in mind. Please contact me at the Law Offices of William S. Orth, P.A. so that we can discuss this further with you. We can properly prepare your documents and give you the peace of mind you are seeking.

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